Vocational Courses

The main objective of our shortcourses is to empower as many people as possible in the selected short courses so as to improve their efficiency, effectiveness and productivity in their work place.

Why train with us?

  • Affordable learning – The training fees has been set at a competitive level to make the training accessible to all.
  • Conducive study environment – Global University College is located in an easily accessible location which makes it easier to reach for students.
  • Library – We have one of the best libraries, fully equipped and computer catalogued.
  • Non – discrimination – the institute does not practice any form of discrimination in regard to gender, color, race, tribe, religion or nationality.
  • Personalized attention – Only a small group of participants are recruited in each course to allow for personalized attention and assistance.
  • Qualified members of staff – our lecturers hold very high qualifications in the category of Bachelors and Master and Professional Certificates in their areas of specialization.
  • Staff experience – Our professional Trainers are well versed in their areas of specialization and are current in the latest education and training skills. They are practical oriented.
  • Teaching Methodology – We use the most modern way of data presentation using the Microsoft PowerPoint and personalised teaching methods that suit the needs of our students.

The School of Business Administration and Management is one of the pioneer faculties at Global University College.

For almost a century there has been a global cry intended to move from theoretical education to practical skills’ enhancing education. In an endeavor to answer the cry, the founders of GUC thought it appropriate to start the School of Business Studies to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

The main thrust of the school consists in providing courses that train students to understand and internalize managerial theory, taking into consideration the relevance of theory to the job market and equip them with useful managerial skills and attitudes applicable to varied work scenarios.

The Faculty vision is to be the leading business school in Uganda and Africa at large in teaching and learning, research and innovation; while the mission is to offer a highly competitive and morally sensitive management, leadership and entrepreneurial education of exquisite quality and excellency that meets the needs and challenges of the modern society.