Global University College’s Academic Courses which are in affiliation with City University of Science and Technology from Lusaka, Zambia.

The courses run from 2 years – 3 years Diplomas.

Our Diploma Programs

3 YEAR – Diploma in Primary Education

2 YEAR – Diploma in Education

3 YEAR – Diploma in Secondary Education

2 YEAR – Diploma in Occupational Health & Safety

2 YEAR – Diploma in Commerce:  Marketing Management 

2 YEAR – Diploma in Project Management 

2 YEAR – Diploma in Information Communications Technology (ICT)

2 YEAR – Diploma in Commerce: Banking & Finance with an option of a Bcom

2 YEAR – Diploma Business Administration

2 YEAR – Diploma in Commerce: Human Resources Management 

Why Choose Global University College

First, you will have the opportunity to get an internationally recognized qualification. Many of our graduates have jobs before they qualify and almost all have jobs within a few months after graduating, unless they choose for a specific reason not to enter formal employment.

Second, we will expose you to some of the best researchers and teachers in the world. The quality of your education is directly related to the quality of the faculty staff teaching you. At G.U.C., researchers of outstanding quality teach, and teachers of outstanding quality do research, so that the latest scholarly work, teaching methods and practical experience are incorporated into your curriculum.

Third, we aim to prepare leaders for life. You will acquire an education that extends beyond the classroom curriculum. At G.U.C. you will have the opportunity to hone your leadership.
We are in partnership with international universities and examination bodies Centre of Excellence in Teaching and Learning Academic Strengths.