The concept of consultancy with GLOBAL MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY(GMC) is to Provide the Solutions that the client wants and will work with, we do not promise heaven, but we fix what the client needs fixed in a cost effective and efficient manner.

Global Management Consultancy applies rigorous analysis and innovative thinking to improve business performance, and facilitate sustainable and meaningful change. We pose the tough questions and find the right answers. We focus on dealing with the problem at its source, and clients appreciate our approach to creating innovative solutions for complex problems.

GMC offers senior managers a detailed insight and practical approach to managing organizations using strategic management models that exhibit simplicity and cost effectiveness but far reaching in earning value.

GMC helps organizations harness the benefits of IT innovation and further comprehend and master its complexity:GMC has developed organizational systems that not only establish a culture that allows for new innovation, but also support the development and alignment of business processes with IT. Our initiatives allow our clients to develop strategically using IT.

GMC offers a proven methodical approach to ensure the success of projects with sustainable ROI; We have the know-how, tools and energy to create successful projects. our project consultants provide know how from detailed planning to analytical analysis and implementation on projects ranging from small IT setups to complex development assignments., our areas of specialization cover; Portfolio Optimization, Programme Management Office design and implementation, Project Turnaround and Project Networking.

One of our Areas of proficiency is to work with clients experiencing business evolution,GMC provides expert solutions to organizations going through transformations, our change management and business process development models have worked miracles in dozens of our clients

At GMC we understand the value of “people” in the organization.GMC can assist clients develop deliberate strategies that would set the workforce into a tightly synchronized value earning organization system. We assist our clients maximize employee productivity and skills proficiency.

More and more organizations are being taken over, acquisitions and takeovers usually look lucrative, however without detailed insight into the complexities of the deals results into disastrous commitments; GMC’s financial consultants have detailed experience and insight in mergers and acquisitions and offer highly impartial and excellent services in this area covering Valuations, Strategic Financial Modeling and Acquisition Targeting.

GMC has worked with and helped organizations consolidate critical risk processes into a comprehensive enterprise-wide practice. GMC provides advisory in delivering the knowledge and tools necessary to achieve uniform enterprise risk management. However our risk services go beyond; Credit Risk and capital Management, Asset-Liability & Market Risk and Profitability & Funds transfer pricing are areas we also provide advice on.