The Global University College E-learning System implements the university’s objective of developing an interactive and innovative blended learning through the exploiting of the state of the art Information and Telecommunication Technologies.

It promotes online learning as an essential part of our everyday teaching and learning practices.

It recognizes the potential of e-learning to impact on learning outcomes for all students and the work habits of all staff.

The Distance Learning Department is in charge of running distance learning programs. Within the department, the Course Manager coordinates these programs including addressing participants’ queries, complaints, handling coursework flow, remedial teaching, and communication on examination-related issues.
Each module has a module leader whose responsibilities include responding to your queries and feedback through email, phone calls and office visits.   

A student can be awarded a certificate after completion of the prescribed program of studies. The minimum completion time for the diploma program is two (2) years and the maximum completion time is three (3) years with each year being divided into two semesters. However, the program can be completed in less time under fast track. Students will cover up to a minimum of four modules per semester and a maximum of 6 course units. Retaking any module attracts extra cost.

At the beginning of each Semester, you will  need to register by the Registrar’s Office. You will  be required to visit the college for  only two weeks per semester for the orientation, intensive lectures and examinations 

Face to Face (Orientation) Session
You will be required to attend a face-to-face orientation and take home a coursework to be submitted online on a stipulated date .   
After the face-to-face session you will attend lectures from the college and also using the provided online interactive instructional materials that include ; a module  handbook, recommended reading list and any other relevant literature that may guide you in the learning process.
Examination  Period 
At the end of the semester, you will convene for a period of one week to sit for the end of semester examinations. You will also be provided a copy of the college’s Assessment and Examination Regulations and Guidelines. 
Participants will attempt two standard course works, one test and one final examination per module. The coursework will contribute 30% , the test will contribute 10% and the examination 60%to the final examination score.